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What is Reiki?



Reiki is a healing therapy based on the principle that a free and uninterrupted energy flow brings your body balance and harmony allowing physical and emotional well-being. It offers a holistic approach that activates the natural healing processes of your mind body and spirit. I work to unblock and release energy to support your body to restore and heal itself.



Reiki comes from two Japanese words

Rei - meaning Universal and Ki - meaning Vital Life Force Energy.

This Ki or energy flows through every living thing and is also known as chi in Tai Chi and acupuncture or prana in yoga.

I practice the Usui system of natural healing developed and handed down by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century



Each body holds the key to its own healing.    

 I offer a safe and compassionate environment for you to discover what will help you lead a healthier and more relaxed life.

Treatments are gentle and non-invasive, tailored to work on your specific needs and goals.

After experiencing a Reiki treatment clients say they feel relaxed and renewed. Just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to your health and well-being


Treatments and Services


I have worked in the NHS for many years but believe that Reiki can be used alongside (not instead of) conventional medicine to release the tension, anxiety, fear and frustration surrounding illness and start to allow the body to feel a sense of balance that allows it to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually


Working as a life coach  enables me to work with you collaboratively on personal and professional issues to gain a greater understanding and awareness of what you really want to do, unlocking your motivation and building an empowering positive attitude

Indian Head Massage

Offered as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with Reiki and /or Coaching, this offers a holistic approach to healing.

It entails manipulating soft tissues in the shoulders, scalp and face combining  deep massage techniques and pressure on release points. This releases stress and tension, alleviating headaches, reducing sinus problems and increasing circulation.



BTEC Pharmaceutical Sciences

BSc Professional Practice

MSc Leadership & Management

ILM 5 Coaching and Mentorship

Reiki Levels I, II and Masters Certificate

Animal Reiki

Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Registrations and Memberships 

GpHC registered

Member APTUK

Master Practitioner Reiki Federation UK

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to undress for my  treatment?  

For your Reiki treatment you lie on a couch (or sit in a chair if unable to lie down comfortably) fully clothed. I will ask that you remove your shoes.

 Indian head massage traditionally uses oils so it is best to remove your top or shirt (towels will be provided) however it can be carried out without oils, through light clothing if preferred


 What does Reiki feel like?

Everyone can feel Reiki differently. Clients report feeling relaxed and others say they feel a sense of peace or energised. Some people also feel a tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth or heat in certain areas. It is individual to each person depending on their needs at that particular time.


  What will you do and how do you know where to focus my  Reiki treatment?

Before the session begins we will discuss what you hope to get from the session but the ki energy will find its way to where it’s needed for the greatest good. During the session I will place my hands on or above different parts of your body concentrating on the areas that I feel need the most energy 



How long does a Reiki session take?

I offer Reiki treatments that last either 30 or 50 minutes

For your first session I will ask that you complete some paperwork telling me about yourself and we will talk about why you have come to Reiki. After the session we will talk about your experience and as this is a holistic therapy what else you can do to help you gain the most benefit towards your unique healing path.

How much does it cost?
For single Reiki sessions
30 minute session £25
50 minute session £35

Or bu

 How much does it cost?

Reiki sessions

30 minute session £25

50 minute session £35

Discounts offered when buying multiple sessions

Indian Head Massage

20 minute session £25

 Prices for Life Coaching or combined sessions  on application



Where are you?

I currently offer treatments in therapy rooms located in Sheffield Wellness Centre on Abbeydale Road or by special arrangement in your own home.

We can arrange to use the venue that suits you best.



"At my first visit I was a little unsure but I quickly became relaxed and comfortable and my mind cleared. The aches and pains which had restricted my movements before the session were completely forgotten. 

I was surprised that the time passed so quickly with the quiet time after treatment allowing me to reset.

 Following the treatment it was good to be able to talk about the treatment and understand the benefits I was feeling.

I look forward to my next session"



"A Reiki session with Susan left me calm and relaxed. She completely put me at my ease.

It is obvious from Susan 's whole demeanour that she totally lives and breathes what she practices."



 "I am a newcomer to Reiki and didn’t really know what to expect.  I’ve seen Susan 3 times and each time I have felt increasingly relaxed and nourished.  Susan asked me about myself and my life and if there was anything particularly important to me to get from our session.  

The treatment involved lying on an inviting couch in a lovely calm environment and Susan placing her hands on me or above me as she treated me.  Sometimes I had a sensation of heat or at one point discomfort – mostly I enjoyed the space and attention to calm my mind and body.

  It was easy to talk with Susan and describe my experience, especially the moment the sensation became a little uncomfortable and what that might be about.  

 I definitely feel a much better sense of well-being and strength when leaving a Reiki session.  It is a treat for me on every level and one I would recommend."  

Jo T 

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